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Om3ga Solutions was founded in 2016 with the aim of bringing together developers from less developed parts of the country under one roof.

Om3ga specializes in developing digital products, programming, as well as web design,
photography and marketing.

Our Daktilograf Engine became most advanced speech-to-text solution for Slavic languages in the region, and was recognized by two VC companies: ICT Hub Ventures and South-Central Ventures.

The project is financed by the Innovation Fund from the budget of the Republic of Serbia from the division of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, through the Serbia Competitiveness and Jobs Project (loan agreement with the World Bank).

Our vision is continuous improvement and development by gathering talents, creating digital products and increasing technology readiness and maturity of CEE countries.

Our solution


Typing is Time-consuming

Text creation process is largely based on a manual text transcription and takes a significant part of time, sometimes compromising quality of information.

Low-effective work process

Work process in traditional industries lack automated solutions at the same time when people are faced with a challenge of being effective and fast.


…is a highly accurate deep learning solution for Slavic languages which recognizes unlimited number of words.
… offers fast and accurate transcription of unlimited number of words via online platform, mobile app and On premises solution.
… offers  cheaper solution on the market, easier to use and powered by our deep learning engine which truly recognizes words, instead of being limited to a word base.
… introduces automated content creation for number of industries.


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    Able to learn

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    End-to-end solution

    We don’t need a third party to provide a complete solution

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    Privacy of the data

    We do not store your data. For clients who demand enhanced security solutions, we created the on-premises solution installed on their servers (B2G).
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    Unlimited number of words it recognizes

    Recognizes words across languages; Identifies local dialects and a specific way of speaking independently of previously recorded words. Accuracy increases with continuous use.

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    Favorable price

    No need for expensive equipment and servers

Cloud and On-premises

Cloud solution

  • Real time transcription using our cloud version of the product 
  • Uploading batch of recordings or live speech /dictation via online platform or a mobile app
  • Transcription via several channels simultaneously
  • User-friendly interface – formatting, timestamps, real time editing, keyword spotting
  • Easy deployment
  • Privacy of the data – we do not store your data. For clients who demand enhanced security solutions, we created the on-premises solution installed on their servers 


On-premises solution

  • Made for enterprise clients, system integrators and B2G
  • Easily integratable into other systems with customized interface
  • Exponential learning curve, it adapts to the individual way of speaking
  • Cheaper solution – no servers needed on client’s side 
  • Use-cases adjusted accuracy
  • Offline system – working off the grid with maximum security of the data
  • Support for all operating systems and all portable devices including ARM
  • Customized pricing based on individual needs


Contact us

kontakt@om3ga.org +38260004242